Lena Weisbek lives and works in Germany near Munich. After years of working as a designer and art director the call from art took her on an entirely path and she turned that passion into a new career. She specializes in Fine Art Photography, working across the genres abstract photography, landscape photography and impressionist photography.


Lena Weisbek likes to lose herself in lonely landscapes somewhere on earth. Alone with her camera, she tries to capture the uniqueness of the subject with her photography, quasi in a time-lapse. These „slow“ pieces with their subtile moods leave space for the viewers to create their own perception of a world beyond the image, for contemplation and a retreat from a hectic world.


Lena Weisbek´s pictures, which arrise from the photographic experiments, often appear surreal. They show the real things from another, new perspective and often make visible which is usually hidden to the naked eye.


Lena Weisbek´s works have been exhibited in various places, sold to corporations and the hospitality industry and are held in private collections all over the world.



"I want to reveal the soul of a landscape or an object, not by capturing a specific moment, but by showing its nature, its unique beauty, its poetry and its mystical mood.“